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Historic Jersey buildings

La Sergine, St John


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Property name

La Sergine

Other names

  • La Sergine Mauresque
  • La Vieille Sergine


Rue de La Mare Ballam, St John [1]

Type of property

Two early houses combined into one. See HER below and footnote


Sold for £815,000 in 2019

Families associated with the property


These three stones are for successive generations of the Le Quesne family in the 18th century

  • ELQ ALC 1708 - For Elie Le Quesne and Andrée Le Couteur
  • 17 CLQ 08 - For Clement Le Quesne
  • 17 CLQ MGF 28 - For Clement Les Quesne and Marie Godfray

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

House, formerly two houses [2], with outbuildings attached to west. Probably circa 1700, with outbuildings added 1882. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Each former house of three bays with faint evidence of a break in the stonework between them. Windows are casements with long and short surrounds. Doors, in second and fifth bays, have roughly quoined surrounds.

Old Jersey Houses

A brief mention in Volume Two of the datestones

Notes and references

  1. There is confusion about whether the property is in Rue de La Mare Ballam or Rue des Issues. It depends on where one ends and the other starts, and without access to official maps it is not possible to reconcile the differences of opinion between HER, the Datestone Register and Google Maps. It does seem to us that the datestone register, which shows Rue des Issues, is wrong and that the original house, or houses, is on the roadside of Rue de La Mare Ballam, and the redeveloped outbuildings are accessed from Ville des Chenes behind
  2. Cross-referencing this record, the entry in the Datestone Register, and a 21st century almanac, suggests that the property started out as a single building, known as La Sergine. According to the Datestone Register, at some point in the early 18th century it was divided into two, named La Sergine and La Sergine Mauresque. This seems unlikely because country properties did not have individual names at this time. By the time the property was listed in the late 20th or early 21st century, the two homes had again been combined into one, called La Sergine Mauresque. Still later there has been considerable development and La Sergine Mauresque and three other properties, presumably the former outbuildings, now comprise Clos de La Sergine, and there is a further property called La Vieille Sergine
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