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Historic Jersey buildings

La Vieille Maison, St John


The distinctive fireplace which helps date the property

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Property name

La Vieille Maison


Rue de l'Eglise, St John

Type of property

Four-room house dating from 1670 and much changed later. We have not been able to establish whether the historic property still exists. It is shown in Vol 2 of Old Jersey Houses as being in Rue du Tample, but the HER listing and Almanac entries indicate that it is in nearby Rue de l'Eglise. Although shown by HER as a listed building, aerial and street views of the area do not show a property of any age in the suggested location. La Vieille Maison is listed in the 2018 almanac

Families associated with the property

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

The property is shown in HER, but apart from indicating that it is a listed building, the page gives no further information

Old Jersey Houses

The entry in Vol 2 gives Rue du Temple as the address, but the property appears to stand/have stood on the adjoining Rue de l'Eglise, behind St John's Church.

A fireplace in the south-east ground floor room is dated to the late 17th century on the basis of its similarity to others dated to 1669 and 1673, believed to be the work of the same mason. A bedroom retains remnants of another fireplace of similar date and an upstairs window is believed to be contemporary.

All of this leads the author to suggest that a four-bedroom house was built on the site in about 1670 and the facade refaced about a century later. After that additions were built on the north side.

Notes and references

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