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Magdelaine Lair was baptised in St Helier in 1719

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Origins of surname

This is a name common in Basse Normandie, and is also found in the Sarthe. There are several placenames with this spelling and it is believed to indicate a settlement on the edge of a river.

Early records

Jacques and Marie Lair were refugees from France when they married in St Lawrence in May 1714, their first child Marie having been baptised in the parish the month before. Jacques, from Coutances in Normandy, went through the process of abjuration in St Helier in 1710.

Jean Lair, from Le Mans, followed him as a refugee, undergoing abjuration in 1720.

There were other Lair immigrants, possibly related, in the early 1700s, but the only one for whom a meaningful tree can be assembled is Philippe, who married Marthe Gruchy at St Lawrence in 1717. We cannot help conjecturing that Jacques and Philippe were related, but have found no records to justify this assumption.

The family was not present in the island for much more than a century, appearing to have died out in 1834 with the death at the age of 80 of Anne, who married Pierre Le Boutillier.


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