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Le Bas family page

Records for Le Bas family members go back as far as 1500


A Miss Le Bas photographed in the 1870s by Ernest Baudoux

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Origin of Surname

George Balleine, in his work on the derivation of Jersey family names, makes no mention of Le Bas, which appears as early as 1304, when there was the petition of Mathilda, wife of Guillaume Le Bas. The surname also features in the Assize Roll of 1309. Bas is French for low, which suggests that the original holder of the name was short in stature.

Early records

Baptism records in the parish registers are found from 1598 onwards, but these earlier records have been found

  • Nicolas Le Bas was born in St Peter about 1500 and married a Miss Pipon in 1525
  • Jean Le Bas was born in St Lawrence about 1532 and married Marie Gibout.
  • Rauline Le Bas was born in St Lawrence about 1545, the daughter of Nicolas (1519- ) and Jeanne Trachy


  • Le Bas, 1299
  • Lebas, 1515, commonly found in Normandy

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

Normandy is the province whence this family draws its origin, and it has been settled in the island for centuries. The name appears in documents of the 13th century, existing in the archives of St Lo, which relate to the possessions held by the monks of Mont St Michel in Jersey.

The family possesses several branches, settled principally in the parishes of St Peter and St Brelade, which, however, owing to the absence of evidence, cannot be traced to a common origin. Of these, the principal are those of Les Niesmes and La Presse, in the Parish of St Peter, and that of St Brelade, now represented by Nicholas Le Bas, of Mont de Vigne. This latter branch is of great antiquity in its parish, the present representative being the twentieth of the name in lineal descent.

That of Les Niesmes has been in possession of this estate for, at least, 16 generations, when by the marriage of Ann, only daughter and heiress of Nicholas Le Bas, with Philip Le Feuvre, it passed into the possession of the last-named family. The only brother of this Nicholas, Philip Le Bas, having married Anne, only daughter and heiress of Philip Gervaise, of St Brelade, settled on the paternal estate of that very ancient family, which is now in the possession of his eldest son, Philip Le Bas.

The branch of La Presse came originally from St Lawrence, where it held a considerable estate, known to this day as Ville-au-Bas. It became possessed of La Presse by its marriage with the heiress of the Bechervaise family. Its present bead is Henry Philip Le Bas, who also represents a section of the ancient Norman family of Macé, the first insular settler of which was a victim of the French Revolution of 1789.

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Le Bas shooting party in 1910

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