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Francis Le Brocq and Joseph Rio
Ramie Le Brocq

Origin of Surname

Historians differ over the origins of this very common Jersey surname. The Rev George Balleine believed that it came from Brock, the badger, and that it implied that the original holder of the name was snappy and dangerous when baited.

However, St Ouen historian Frank Le Maistre considered it to have derived in Viking times from "broc" a spur of land or "bro" a receptacle made of pottery.

French sources offer a further variety of possible origins, including someone living in an area covered in spiny shrubs, someone whose teeth protruded from his mouth, or from ancient Occitan, someone living on a rocky outcrop.

Early years

The earliest mention of the Le Brocq family in St Ouen is Benest Le Brocq born about 1480 . Matthieu Le Brocq was also born in St Ouen about 1510 and died in 1595. He was Constable of the parish from 1593 to 1595. Pre-1600 records for the family also exist in the neighbouring parish of St Mary. Most of the available records concerning the family are from St Ouen and St Peter, and later St Brelade, where the earliest date is 1710. The name occurs in nine of the twelve parishes of the island for the most part pre-1800.

Le Brocq homes

In St Ouen two houses with Le Brocq family connections are mentioned by Joan Stevens. These are "La Robeline", where Philippe Le Brocq, son of Nicholas, lived with his wife Marie Le Brocq in 1761, and "La Coin Cottage", where Susanne Le Brocq lived with husband Jean Le Feuvre, son of Jean, son of Jean, son of Jacques in 1753. In St.Mary "La Pompe" was the home of Elizabeth Le Brocq who married Jean Arthur prior to 1860.

At least one branch of the St Ouen family moved to St Peter in the early 1700s. In St Peter parish, near the boundary with St Mary , "Les Augerez" house has a stone inscribed PLCT:MLB 1719. Presumably for Philippe Le Couteur and Marguerite Le Brocq. The land here was owned at least since 1668 by Philippe, son of Philippe, son of Clement Le Brocq.

St Peter's Rectory has a windowsill inscribed for J P and Jeanne Le Brocq in 1763. Also in this parish is a record of a pew sold to Pierre Le Brocq for ten pounds tournios in 1778 "for as long as he owned La Fontaine" house. Another Pierre presented an ornate silver kettle to the parish in 1870, and his daughter Jeanne married G W Le Feuvre. The south wall of St Peter’s Church had until recently a plaque with inscriptions to the Le Brocq family of "The Yews" dating from the mid 1600s. These are now located in the vestry.


  • Le Brocq, 1668
  • Le Brocque 1607
  • Le Broc, 1309
  • Le Brok 1528
  • Le Brogue 1309
  • Broc

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