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Le Carrefour, St Mary


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Property name

Le Carrefour [1]


Rue Mahier, St Mary

Type of property

Country house


The property sold for £3.04 million in 2014

Families associated with the property



Both these datestones have been wrongly recorded by Joan Stevens in OJH as RDG and IDG, and copied as such in the datestone register, leading to suggestions that they represented de Gruchy. Once we had established, thanks to Guy Dixon, who personally checked the stones some years ago, that the male initials are RDC and IDC, a quick check of marriages in our database revealed the identities of the couples

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

18th century rural house, much renovated. The house retains its proportions and some historic features, emulating the polite architecture of Georgian fashion but with a continuing local character. The outbuildings have been altered but still contribute to the grouping as a whole. The house is considered in some research to have medieval remains to walling. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Two-storey five-bay house with wing to southwest. To northeast is small detached, single storey building.

Old Jersey Houses

The briefest of entries just mentioning the two datestones

Notes and references

  1. Meaning 'crossroads' it is not unexpected that there are a number of properties of this name in Jersey. It is perhaps surprising that there are actually only six (there are others with longer names) and all of them in the north of the island - one in St Ouen, one in St Mary, two in St John and two in Trinity
  2. Jean was the grandson of Jean de Caen, brother of Richard above
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