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Jersey houses

Le Catel, Trinity



Property name

Le Catel

Other names

  • Le Catel de Rozel
  • Le Catel Farm
  • Le Catel House


Rue des Cotes du Nord, Trinity [1]

Type of property

19th century farm group. It has features, including a well, dating to the middle of the 18th century. Datestones suggest that the property can be traced back at least another century, whilst history points to a much earlier origin.


According to one database of house sales, this property sold for £1,575,000 in 2010. However, a second reference correctly relates this sale to the nearby Le Catel in Rue du Catel.

Families associated with the property


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farm group with early-mid 19th century granite house retaining its historical character and proportions. The outbuildings add significance to the group as a whole.

The house emulates the polite architecture of Georgian fashion but with a continuing local character.

Old Jersey Houses

Not mentioned, although the 1822 stone is listed in Volume Two

Notes and references

  1. Although this property was shown in its HER listing to be on Rue du Catel, it is not. The junction with Rue du Catel is just to the east. There is another property called Le Catel a short distance along Rue du Catel, also listed by HER. Considerable confusion has been caused by showing information about one property in the record of the other. We are still checking the data to ensure that each property is properly identified
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