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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Catillon, St Martin


Not to be confused with Le Catillon in neighbouring Grouville, where two major Celtic coin finds were unearthed in 1957 and 2012, this property is in St Martin and was described by Joan Stevens in Old Jersey Houses Vol 1 as having 'an exceptionally fine example of a tourelle staircase'

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Property name

Le Catillon


Rue des Charrieres, St Martin

Type of property

Farm group with 16th century origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

Methodist preacher Jean de Quetteville was born in Le Catillon, which later passed from his family to the Gaudin family


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A good example of an historic farm group with the farmhouse retaining original features dating back to the 16th century, bearing evidence of the development of various architectural features. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Main house (five-bay, two-storey), two-bay, two-storey wing set back on west side. Early 20th century two-storey, five-bay wing at right angles to house on east side. Late 19th century outbuildings with 1970s infill behind.

Tourelle with tapered base. Stone lintels and sills to windows west of the tourelle. Tourelle has two small windows with stone surrounds, mixture and reuse. Door to side of tourelle.

Benitier/lavabo with pointed arch to side of tourelle doorway.

Finds have been discovered in the surrounding fields, including flint tools, cores, flakes, Normandy Stoneware and modern pottery.

Old Jersey Houses

Vol 1 - 'Here is an exceptionally fine example of a tourelle staircase. It was illustrated by de La Croix, in a rather crude lino-cut. It is clearly the remains of an original house, the south facade having been much altered, but the bottom right-hand window is 17th century, and all the right-hand part looks nearer the original than the left. The tourelle has been heightened but retains two fine windows, which are somewhat larger than usual, though clearly contemporary with the tower.'

de Quetteville owners

Notes and references

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