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Le Cocq family page

This family first arrived in Jersey, almost certainly from Normandy, in the 17th century


An unknown Miss Le Cocq, photographed in the mid-19th century

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Origin of Surname

Le Cocq, French for cock, this suggests a pretentious person; a braggard. It could also possibly refer to someone who kept cockerels. There is also a suggestion that the word is derived from the old French coquere, meaning to cook, implying that the name was given to a cook.

It is a very common name in Normandy, spelt Lecoq or Lecocq

Early records

Le Cocq is not thought to be a particularly early Channel Island name, appearing in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney from the mid-17th century onwards. There are earlier records of variant spellings, not necessarily connected to later families.


  • Le Cocq
  • Lecoq
  • Le Coq
  • Le Cok 1528
  • Cok alias Larchier 1329
  • Le Coke, 1309
  • Le Coq 1381
  • Koc 1367
  • Coc 1331
  • Cock (Larchier) 1299
  • Coco c1160

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