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John Monet Le Cras, sitting outside the Opera House, where he was caretaker for many years

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The funeral of Police Constable P R Le Cras at St Thomas' Church in 1914 was a major event

Origin of Surname

Le Cras is Breton for the small one, suggesting both the derivation and origin of this common Jersey surname. Strangely, none of our standard French references include the name.

Early records

The name first appears in 1299, and then in the Assize Roll of 1309 and once in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

Guillemine Le Cras, who was born in St Lawrence (or possibly Trinity) in or about 1486, married Raoulin Langlois and they had five children

Le Cras can also be found in Guernsey as far back as the mid 1500s living in the St Saviour area.


  • Le Cras, 1299

Family records


Jersey family trees

The following three trees all follow the same family, with differing detail and descendant branches


Guernsey family trees


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Great War service


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Family album

Francis George Bisson Le Cras and his family

Francis George Bisson Le Cras, his wife Sarah Rebecca Matilda, nee Eastman, their daughter Rebecka, granddaughters Dorothy Rebecca and Christine Sarah, and one of their three grandsons. The picture was taken at Trinity in the mid-1920s. Francis was baptised Francis George Bisson, the illegitimate son of Mary Ann Le Cras, nee Bisson. When he married Sarah Eastman, daughter of Charles, of St Brieuc, in St Helier in 1866, the marriage register showed his father as mariner Philippe Le Cras. But Philippe died 18 months before Francis George was born, in December 1846. His baptism record shows a Le Cras in the column for father, but, although very difficult to read, the name appears to be Pierre Le Cras, possibly Philippe's younger brother. Whatever the truth of his parentage, Francis George went by the name of Bisson Le Cras for the rest of his life and gave the names to his children. Most of his grandchildren were baptised Bisson Le Cras - see family tree

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Family gravestones

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