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Le Feuvre family page

This surname has been present in Jersey in many spelling variants since at least the 13th century

A Mr Le Feuvre photographed in the 1870s by Ernest Baudoux

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Origin of Surname

Feuvre is French for smith.

Early records

The name appears in the Assize Roll of 1309 and Clement, Drouet, Guillaume, Jo, Johan, Philippe and Richard are found in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

One branch of the family became known as Le Filliastre (Filiastre) giving rise to the surname Le Feuvre dit Le Filliastre.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

Nothing, says de la Chesnaye des Bois, in his great and comprehensive Armorial of France is more common than the name of Le Fevre, in the various provinces of the Kingdom. That of Normandy furnishes several, for besides others, are chronicled the names, pedigrees, and arms of Le Fevre of Argentan, Valognes, Carentan, and Rouen".

The name is Latinised Faber, ie Smith; and it seems to answer, by its frequency in France, to our own most familiar English patronymic. In Jersey, this name occurs from a very early period, being mentioned in official instruments of the 12th century. A branch of the family appears to have settled at Southampton, in the 16th century, John Le Feyvre, of that town, then being the representative of this section.

The name has, at various periods, and in various localities, been spelt Faber, Febure, Febvre, Feubvre, Feyvre, and so on, as far as the ingenious rules of permutation and combination can go. In Jersey, the same peculiarity of accent that has corrupted Morant into Mourant, Coutance into Coutanche, Ranulfus into Renouf, etc., has rendered its most usual orthography, Le Feuvre.

Of the various insular families of this name, one for some centuries located in the parish of St Peter, is the most important. It numbers among its members a Jurat of the Royal Court, temp Cromwell. The Rev George Le Fevre belongs also to this family. He passed his academical career at Pembroke College, Oxford, with distinction, and subsequently performed the duties of Chaplain to the British Embassy at Paris, for many years. Here, his self-denying labours, and benevolence, endeared him to a large circle of our countrymen resident in or visiting the French capital. His son, Sir George William Le Fevre, chiefly resided on the continent, and filled, for fifteen years, the post of Physician to the British Embassy at St Petersburgh. On his return to England he was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and received the honour of knighthood. Of his wanderings in Europe, he has left an interesting and clever souvenir in his "Diary of a Travelling Physician", to which literary labour he added others of a professional nature. Obituary notices of Sir G W Le Fevre appear in the various medical serials of 1846. His brother, Dr Henry Belfield Le Fevre, for some time practised in Paris, where he was well known in literary and scientific circles, and is the author of several valuable communications to the Academy of Sciences of that city.

In Jersey, the family is represented by Philip Le Feuvre, of La Hougue, and by George William Le Feuvre, of Les Niesmes, both in the parish of St Peter. In England, by Henry Belfield Le Fevre, of Exeter. And in America, by the Rev Clement Fall Le Fevre, of Hazlewood, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A Mrs Le Feuvre photographed by Ernest Baudoux
Philip, Edward and Jack Le Feuvre

Arms (as borne by the Rev Philip Alfred Le Feuvre): Argent, a chevron, gules, between three mullets, pierced, sable; a label of three points, for difference. Quartering: Sable, on a chief, indented, argent, three martlets of the field, for Le Bas Or, a gonfalon of three pendants, gules, fringed vert, for D'Auvergne Per fesse argent and or; in chief a dexter hand issuant, ppr., cuffed of the second; in base a mullet of the first, for Poingdestre Argent, a lion, rampant, sable, armed and langued, gules, for Balleine Sable, a chevron between three eagles, displayed, argent; on a chief, or, a rose between two fleurs-de-lis, gules, for Remon Azure, a chevron between three escallops, or, for Le Miere. Crest : A triple-eared stem of corn, ppr.


  • Le Feuvre, 1299
  • Le Feuvre dit Cauchais
  • Feuvre 1330
  • Le Feuve 1292
  • Le Feubre 1528
  • Le Feivre, 1363
  • Lefeivre, 1329
  • Le Feivre 1329
  • Le Feyvre, 1309
  • Le Fever 1377
  • Le Fevere 1309
  • Le Fevre 1299
  • Le Feybvre 1405
  • Fabre 1342
  • Fabe 1303
  • dictus Faber, 1306
  • Faber de Faleduit 1226
  • Lefeuvre
  • Lefebvre
  • Lefevre
  • Le Febvre
  • Le Febure
  • Le Feure
  • Le Faber
  • Le Feuvre dit le Filliastre

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