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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Fleurion, St Martin


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Property name

Le Fleurion

Other names

La Maison de Fleury


Rue de La Forge, St Martin

Type of property

Early 19th century house


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Fleury - the family who gave their name to the property
  • Gaudin - The property was in the Gaudin family from 1832 and census returns show it owned by Philip Gaudin from 1861 through to 1901. It is likely that the property was bought by Philip's father Philippe, who married Esther Le Boutillier in 1831. Philip was a farmer of 8 acres, married to Jane Mary Aubin. They had five children, Jane Mary, Philip, Mary, Francis and John. The two older boys did not follow their father into farming. Philip was a painter and Francis a carpenter in 1881. But in the 1901 census John was shown as a farmer's son.
  • Machon - in 1646 Abraham Machon sold La Maison de Fleury to Marie Machon, wife of Philippe Payn. [1]
  • Payn
  • Baal - Jean Baal, owner of Le Grand and Le Petit Clos de Fleury in 1701
  • Le Seelleur


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This house sits well into its rural setting. It retains its original character with historic features externally and internally. The only remaining internal features in the outbuildings to the north are the oven and the wash bowl.

The 1795 Richmond map shows two buildings on the site.

An 1821 datestone indicates the building of a new house in place of the old one. Dower wing presumed to be same date as the main house.

Standard local façade but with central pediment adding a classical finish.

Detached two-storey, five-bay house with single storey, two-bay wings to east and west. Converted outbuildings extend north. Detached garage to north.

Ground floor west room has simple open granite fireplace. Ground floor east room has granite corbelled fireplace, corbels original, 20th century lintel. Bakehouse room retains oven and washing bowl.

Old Jersey Houses

The name for the home of the Fleury family6 is a variation on the usual manner of associating a family with a house, such as La Guyilleaumerie for the Guilleaumes, doubtless because Fleurerie would have made a clumsy word.

Notes and references

  1. This is likely to be the Marie Machon and Philippe Payn who were married in St Martin in 1613. We have not been able to place them in any of our family trees, or ascertain Marie's relationship to Abraham
  2. Not 1820 as shown in Old Jersey Houses
  3. George's first wife, Elizabeth Le Seelleur, died in 1811. He married her younger sister Francoise in 1813.
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