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Le Gendre family page


Elizabeth Le Gendre married John McLachlan in St Helier in 1815

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Origins of surname

This name means ‘nephew’ or ‘stepson’. The French have a strange habit of using the same word for people of entirely different relationships, and it can prove confusing for family historians when the text of a record gives no indication of whether or not a person was a blood relative. Le Filiastre has the same meaning. It is a very common surname throughout France.

Early records

This surname, which first appeared in parish records in the mid-16th century, appears to have died out, although it was certainly still present at the start of the 20th century. The family had been present for at least a century before the first baptisms on record.


  • Gendre
  • Le Gendre
  • Legendre
  • Jendre, 1461

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