Le Houguillon

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Le Houguillon, Rozel, Trinity

A guardhouse was built at Le Houguillon in the 18th century as part of the defences of Rozel before the barracks were built in the bay.

de Gruchy family

We have been unable to find any information about when the house was built, but it may have been as late as the 19th century. The house is in Rue de la Piece Mauger, Trinity, and the de Gruchy family lived at the nearby Piece Mauger, which was built by Thomas de Gruchy in 1728 and remained in the family at the end of the 20th century.

In 1851 John de Gruchy (46) a schoolmaster and farmer and Thomas' great-grandson, lived at Le Houguillon with his wife Sophia, nee Falle, their son and two daughters, and John's father John and mother Marie, nee de Gruchy.

John died in 1876 and in 1881 Sophie continued to work the farm at the age of 74, assisted by her son and daughter.


The house was in the Renouf family later because farmer Charles F Renouf, his wife Louisa and their family were shown as the occupiers in the 1901 census.

In 1924 a will was registered for Marie Louise Martin, living at Le Houguillon, widow of François Marie Jégu.

In 1941 the house was occupied by John Philip Renouard and his wife Elise, nee Renouf.

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