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Le Huquet family page


Margaret Le Lievre, later Le Huquet

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Origin of Surname

This is a French surname which is probably derived from the 14th century word huchet, meaning a small horn, and described a messenger or herald, or town crier, who signalled his presence by blowing a horn.

Alternatively, the name may come from Huquerville, "the town with a horn", or a town on the bend of a river.

Early records

We have had to completely revise our opinions about the origins of this family, after a detailed study of the church records which were not available when the page was originally created. The Le Huquets did not arrive in Jersey at the end of the 17th century, but towards the end of the 16th. Jean Le Huquet married Marie Lafolle, daughter of Jean, at St Martin in 1606. Their first daughter, Rebecca, was baptised there in 1608, but there had already been two children of Thomas Le Huquet baptised in the parish in 1602 and 1605.

And St Martin burial registers record the death of Thomas Le Huquet in 1597.

Clearly the family either had even earlier roots in the island, or more than one family settled and became established at the same time.

We previously stated that it was quite likely that the first members of the family, including the earliest in the trees below, arrived in Jersey as Huguenot refugees in 1685. If the Le Huquets were Huguenots, they would have arrived with the first wave of refugees from 1572 onwards, not with the second wave in the 17th century. However, the name does not appear in the list of abjurations by refugees who were required to renounce all links to Catholicism.

It is worth noting that, given the length of time that the name has been found in Jersey, no details of early records were given by the author of our Comprehensive list of Jersey surnames. This list did not include references to church records, so the family had not become sufficiently established for their name to feature in the Extente of 1608, the latest of these official documents on which the surname list is based. This lends support to the view that the family arrived in the island only shortly before the name first featured in church records, although whether as religious refugees is impossible to say.


  • Le Huquet
  • Le Houquet
  • Hucquet
  • Le Hucquet
  • Le Huchot
  • Huchot
  • Huchier
  • Le Hucquet
  • Le Huquet
  • Huquart
  • Huchez
  • Huchard
  • Huquet
  • Huchet may also be a variant but a separate family existed in Jersey

Family Records


Family trees

The four trees above, all from different sources, start with the same person but are of varying length and with varying degrees of detail. The head of each tree has now been identified as Jean, son of Abraham.

Three earlier trees from which the above trees are descended


Church records


Family histories and biographies


Great War service


Family wills

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Family album

Family gravestones

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