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Le Lacheur family page


The wedding in 1924 of Francis Norman Syvret (1903-1991) and Elsie Le Lacheur (1902-1990), with Dora Alice and Alfred Le Lacheur

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Origin of Surname

According to Peter E Guilbert: "The name Le Lacheur is not found in Larousse Dictionnaire de Noms et prenoms de France, however I would speculate that the origin is Saxon, as are many other island names". - Larousse gives Acher, anc. nom de bapt, du germ, Aschari (asc-, frene lance de; hari, armee).

Another contributor however believes the name Le Lacheur is possibly derived from the old French for a net maker, according to the Rev George Balleine. He also states the word is used colloquilly to mean rat.

The surname 'Ach' is found in western Brittany, derived from the Breton name for celery.

Early records

It is not known when the Le Lacheur's arrived in the Channel Islands, but there appear to be two branches in Guernsey, one from St Pierre du Bois and one from St Andrews. It is not known if there is a link between these two branches. The St Andrews branch dates back to at least Jean Le Lacheur c1520. The St Pierre du Bois branch goes back to at least Leonard Le Lacheur c1580.

The Le Mesurier Rough index has a refference to a Nicolas Le Lacheur in 1480, St Pierre du Bois.

The family does not appear to have arrived in Jersey until the early 19th century. It is still present today.


  • Le Lacheur
  • Lacheur

Family records


Family trees


Church records


Family members who served in World War 1

  • Elsie Le Lacheur, daughter of Alfred, Red Cross

Prominent family members

Captain William Le Lacheur (1802- ) Forest, Guernsey - a leading figure in opening up the coffee trade with South America.

Family gravestones in Jersey

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