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The earliest document referring to Malorey Manor is a deed of sale of 1387. This certainly makes Malorey one of the earliest recorded properties in the Parish, with a name which has remained unchanged over the centuries.

Guillemyn de Garris was selling the property to Sire Pierre Payn. A reference was made in the contract to the rights held by a previous owner, Thomas Desmarcans. Sire Pierre was Rector of St Brelade and the owner of Colombier Manor. He died in 1389 and his properties passed to his brother Raulin Payn.

Unknown fief

The manorial connection is definite in this first reference, but the exact fief has remained unidentified. The name is derived from the nickname for a man of evil omen, leaving an equally mysterious uncertainty of identity.

Little more is known about Malorey until Laurens Hamptonne bought it in about 1526. The Hamptonne family owned Manor House, in Rue de Bas, and many members were successively seigneurs of the fief Luce de Carteret and several other smaller fiefs. Edouard Hamptonne sold Le Manoir de Malorey in 1599 to the children of Helier Dumaresq of La Haule.

It soon became the property of Edouard Bisson, who had already bought Manor House from his Hamptonne cousin in 1601. The Bisson ownership lasted for four generations until 1719, when Philippe Caillet bought the house, farm and land. In 1800 the attorneys of Jean Mauger, who was living in Charles Town, South Carolina, and was the grandson of Philippe Caillet, sold the property to Jean Bichard of Seaview.

Bichard's younger son inherited the property, but sold it within three years. Eventually in 1894 the property called the Manor of Malorey was bought by Francis George Romeril, and remains with his descendants to this day. It had lost its fief connection some centuries earlier, but had been considerably enlarged by land purchases.

Little remains of the older houses except a stone, incorporated into the granite with the initials P C L, which presumably refer to Philippe Caillet, who died in 1766.

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