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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Marais Farm, St Ouen


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Property name

Le Marais Farm

Other names

Le Marais


Rue Coentyn, St Ouen [1]

Type of property

Early house with ruined windmill


Sold for £325,000 in 2006 and £855,000 in 2010

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

House with circa 16th century origins, and 18th century alterations, retaining historic character and features from various phases.

This building belongs to the more unusual group of four-bay houses in Jersey. Group value with associated outbuildings. Site includes rare example of a windmill. The ruined windmill south of main house is said by the present owner to have been used for the production of paper, its original relationship to the farm complex, if any, is not clear. If so, it is probably the only industrial (non-wheat) windmill surviving in Jersey.

The doglegged staircase with splat balusters is of a type seen in very few local buildings. These include Bellozanne Abbey, St Helier; Les Bellozanne, St John; 16 Hill, St Helier (dated 1747); 35 Hill street, St Helier (dated 1737) and ancient cottage in St Ouen. It is, therefore, reasonable to suggest a circa 1740 date, possibly including the refronting and the loss of the tourelle stair.

Ruined windmill to south of main house: random stone construction with mix of stone and brick openings. Round, unroofed and approximate 5m height.

Main house: entrance offset to west. Remains of doglegged staircase with flat-topped handrail, plain newel-post and splat balusters circa 1740. Ground floor west has an early 19th century stone/brick fireplace. A pair of beams survive - they appear late 17th or early 18th century. There are a pair of small windows in the rear, north wall to the stair enclosure. Within the roofspace the 18th century pegged A-Frame roof timbers survive. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included, despite supposed 16th century origins

Notes and references

  1. There is considerable confusion between this property, and the adjacent Le Marais Farm which has its entrance on Rue des Fuonnaises. Both appear to have been called Le Marais, and Le Marais Farm at various times
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