Le Monnier family members who served in World War 1

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Le Monnier family members who served in the Great War


Rifleman Albert Desire Le Monnier served in the King's Royal Rifle Corps

One member of the family lost his life while serving in the armed forces and a further 20 saw active service in World War 1

  • Edwin Le Monnier (1890-1916) son of Alexander and Alice, Private, Machine Gun Corps, killed in action
  • Aimee Auguste Ferdinand Le Monnier (St Mt), Private, Worcestershire Regiment
  • Albert Desire Le Monnier (1887-1960) (St L) son of Eugene and Desiree, Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps
  • Arthur Philip Le Monnier (1895-) (St H), Company Quartermaster Sgt, RASC, Wounded
  • Charles Le Monnier (Tr), Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry
  • Charles Frederick Le Monnier (1882-1931) son of Charles and Eugenie Besnard, of Faldouet, St Martin, and husband of Ada Maud Duval, ex-RMIJ, Private, Hampshire Regiment, wounded
  • Charles George Le Monnier (1896- ) (St J) son of Auguste and Matilda Jane Burton, ex-RMIJ, Driver, Royal Field Artillery
  • Clifford Charles Syvret Le Monnier (1899- ) (St H) son of Peter Albert and Anna Jane Quintaine, Private, Worcestershire Regiment
  • E Le Monnier, Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles
  • Edward Francis Le Monnier (1884- ) (St Mt) son of Edouard Pierre and Emily Louisa, Shipwright RN
  • Elias John Le Monnier, (St J), Sapper RE
  • Francis Le Monnier (St H), Private, Dorsetshire Regiment
  • Frederick Charles Le Monnier (St H), Private, East Surrey Regiment
  • George Francis Le Monnier (St H), Corporal, Labour Corps, wounded
  • Harold George Le Monnier (1902- ) (St Mt) son of Eliza, Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles
  • J Le Monnier, French infantry
  • Lilian May Le Monnier (1899- ) (St H), daughter of Alexandre Philip and Alice Mary , Queen Mary's Auxiliary Army Corps
  • Nicholas Jean Baptiste Le Monnier (1897- ) (St S) son of Nicolas Jean Baptiste and Angele Bertle Marie, Private, Labour Corps
  • Sidney G Le Monnier Private, Leinster Regiment
  • Stanley Henry Le Monnier (1899- ) (St J) son of Auguste and Matilda Jane Burton, Private, Royal Field Artillery
  • William Le Monnier (1888- ), Able Seaman, Mercantile Marine, ss Don Benito

Le Monnier brothers

Three Le Monnier brothers born in Jersey, who served during the war, do not feature in the official Roll of Service, perhaps because their name was Anglicised when they were taken to America by their mother after their father's death.

Selina Ann Maria Langlois was born in Jersey in 1867 and married Grouville farmer, Victor Desire Le Monnier, who was 18 years older than her, in the parish on 18 August 1890.

They lived at St Kilda and had four sons, Augustin Victor, in 1892, Victor and John Edward in successive years, and Charles in 1900. In 1907 their father died, and three years later Selina decided to emigrate to Dallas, Texas, where her brother Edward, now known as Langley, owned Tennessee Farm, taking her four sons with her. They travelled on the US Mail Steamer St Louis.

Strangely only Selina, Victor and Charles are shown in the list of second class passengers on the St Louis, together with six-year-old Madeline Monnier, presumably the brothers' younger sister. Victor is shown in the ship's manifest as a 17-year-old farmer.

On arrival they were recorded by New York immigration officials as Monnier. This was probably Selina's own choice, because that is how the family name was recorded in the 1901 Jersey census, and also how the family are shown in the passenger list for the St Louis' voyage. It may, however, have been the officials' decision to Anglicise their name, as happened to so many emigrants from Jersey to the USA. Mrs Monnier became known as Celina in US records.

When the Great War broke out, two of the brothers, John Edward and Augustin joined the Canadian Army and Victor enlisted in the US Army. They all saw active service in Europe and survived the war, although Augustin, known as Gus, died in Texas in October 1918 at the age of 26. John is recorded as returning to Canada on the troop ship Canada in 1919.

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