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Le Montais family page

This family has been present in Jersey since at least the 16th century


Maj J F Le Montais, photographed in the 19th century

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Origin of Surname

It is possible that the name may derive from the French mont for hill, which would signify that the original Le Montais lived on a hill, but we have not found the name in any of our usual French surname sources.

Early records

Jehan Le Monntez is listed in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550

Helier Le Montais was born in Jersey about 1572 and married Catherine Hamptonne, daughter of Nicolas, and Elizabeth Dumaresq, in 1597

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

No family traditions indicate the spot whence this house migrated to the island, where they have been located for some centuries.

In 1533 John Le Montais served among 48 other men of the island, four from each parish, to inquire into the state of the defences of Jersey. This John was chosen as one of the representatives of the parish of St Mary.

Clement Le Montais, who lived at the period of the Great Rebellion, was an ardent Royalist, and assisted Sir Philip De Carteret to convey Charles II and Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, to France, besides supplying his prodigal monarch most liberally from his private purse.

His son, Elias Le Montais, of the parish of St Peter, Jurat of the Royal Court, served on a Royal Commission with Sir Christopher Lewknor and Sir Edmund Walker, and Edmund Wyndam, Thomas Coke, and William Loving, who were appointed by Letters Patent to dispose of part of the Government Revenues in the island. He was also specially commissioned, in 1666, " to be Storekeeper of Prizes and Prize Goods within His Majesty's Island of Jersey".

He purchased from his uncle. Sir George Carteret, an estate at Mont de Vigne, in the parish of St Peter, on 10 October, 1666, which has, ever since, continued in the possession of his descendants.


  • Le Monntez
  • Le Montais 1607
  • Le Monteys 1528
  • Le Mountes 1515
  • Le Montez, 1461

Family records


Jersey family trees


Church records


Le Montais family members who served in World War 1

Two brothers, sons of Jean de Lecq and Elizabeth Le Montais

  • Clarence Philip Le Montais (1884- ) (St Br) son of William and Mary, husband of Alice Amelia, ex-RMIJ, Private, King's Liverpool Regiment


Family wills

These wills created by members of the Le Montais family are now held by Jersey Archive. By visiting the archive site and using the names, dates and reference numbers shown here, it is possible to view a copy of each will. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. To find out more about this collection, which covers the period from 1663 to 1980, and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page

  • Alice Le Montais, St Brelade - 1 April 1927, D/Y/A/87
  • Almeria Le Montais, St Peter - 13 October 1911, D/Y/A/70
  • André Le Montais of St Helier, bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £1 14 September 1859 - D/Y/A/30
  • André Le Montays, son of André, of St Ouen, desires to be buried in St Ouen's Cemetery, bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, £40 tournois of the order of the King 13 September 1794 - D/Y/A/15
  • Anne Le Montais, bequeaths to the poor of St Peter, £10 of French currency 9 December 1815 - D/Y/A/18
  • Anne Le Montays, bequeaths to the poor of St Peter, £6 of the order of the King 9 July 1808 - D/Y/A/17
  • Charles Le Montais of St Ouen, now of St Helier, bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £2 of the order, and makes bequests of stock 29 May 1790 - D/Y/A/14
  • Elizabeth Le Montais, 21 Duhamel Place, St Helier - 20 November 1933, D/Y/A/95
  • Emilie Le Montais, widow of Jean Langlois, of St Helier, bequeaths to the poor of the Independent Chapel, Halkett Place £2 - 11 June 1883, D/Y/A/43
  • Jean Le Montais 25 July 1681 - D/Y/A/3
  • Jean Le Montais, Waldeck House, First Tower, St Helier - 5 October 1938, D/Y/A/103
  • Judith Le Montays of St Helier, bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 120 francs 12 February 1855 - D/Y/A/28
  • Marie Le Montays of St Ouen, bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, 5s 13 December 1860 - D/Y/A/30
  • Philip Le Montais, Fairholme, Millbrook, St Lawrence, bequeaths to Emily Sarah Barrett for life Clos de la Price, and Clos de Pipon Vingtaine du Coin, St Brelade, reversion to his brothers; to the Parish of St Brelade £20 bequeaths to Emily Sarah Barrett the property Fairholme - 17 October 1911, D/Y/A/70
  • Philippe Le Montais of St Ouen - 17 May 1887, D/Y/A/46
  • Rachel Le Montais of St Brelade, widow of Jean Leigh - 20 January 1869, D/Y/A/34

Family houses

Family album

Family gravestones

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