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Le Mottee family page

This Jersey surname, present in the island since the 16th century, has several variantis which are not found in France


Herbert Stanley Le Mottee - Descendants of Thomas Le Mottee - 2

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Origin of surname

We have not been able to find any of the Le Mottée variants in France, but Motte is a common name in Normandy, and Mottet and Mottey are noted diminuitives, so it is likely that the Jersey name has the same derivation, which is not from the modern meaning of motte - a sod or clump of earth - but from an older spelling - mote - signifying a small hill or knoll, usually artificial, on which a fortification has been built, or a dungeon either of wood or stone.

Early history

The Le Mottee family has been present in Jersey since the 16th century. The earliest church records date from 1623, but Thomas Le Mottee, the head of one of the trees below, is known to have been born in St John in 1596.


Found in Jersey

  • Le Mottée, 1628
  • Le Mottes 1541
  • Le Mottez
  • Le Mottais

Found in Normandy

  • Motte
  • Mottet
  • Mottey
  • Lamotte
  • Delamotte

Family records


Family trees


Births and baptisms


Le Mottee family members who served in World War 1]]

Two brothers, sons of Philippe Winter and Dinah

  • Clarence Le Mottee (1887- ) (St O), ex-RMIJ, Private, King's Liverpool Regiment
  • Philip Le Mottee (1882- ) (St O) husband of Laura Jane, ex-RMIJ, Private, RJGB

  • Harold Huelin Le Mottee (1878- ) (St H) Lance-Corporal Canadian Infantry
  • Herbert Stanley Le Mottee (1890- ) (St H) son of John and Matilda Elizabeth Gallienne, Bandsman, Yorkshire Regiment, wounded
  • William James Le Mottee (1893- ) (St H) son of William Philip and Alice Elizabeth Bishop, Corporal, Royal Garrison Artillery


Family wills

Family homes

Family album

Adolphus Le Mottee and family in 1920

Family gravestones

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