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Unsurprisingly this house, also known as Le Mottais Farm, takes its name from the family Le Mottee. Datestones on the property can trace its ownership as far back as 1665, when it is believed to have been very isolated.

Over a door to a stable, which, as with many farm properties, was probably formerly the main living accommodation, is a lintel inscribed IM 1665, which has been associated with Jean Marche, son of Jean, who married Jeanne Le Motey in 1668. Marche is not a family whose tree is easy to follow, and online records confuse Marche, de la Marche, Le Marchand and other variations. It was essentially a St John family in the 17th century, and this is further complicated by the loss of records for this parish.

In 1750 another Jean Marche married Esther Le Mottais. Their only daughter married Daniel Bisson in 1776 and further datestones record the Bisson family's ownership of the farm. DBS EM 1785. records work undertaken by Daniel and Esther. DBS FDLC 1819 records their son Daniel, who married Florence de La Cour in 1801.

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