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Pierre Le Piez and Henriette d'Orleans, from La Haye du Puits in Normandy, were married at the Town Church in 1829.

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Origins of surname

We have found no mention of this name, or anything remotely similar, in our usual sources for French surnames. It may be related to Pierre, the French form of Peter, or perhaps pied, meaning ‘foot’

Early records

The first Le Piez immigrants became established in Trinity in the 1830s.

Pierre Le Piez, of Videfontaine, La Haye du Puits, near Coutances in the Manche department of Normandy, married Henriette d'Orleans, from nearby Mongardon,on 20 August 1829. They settled in Trinity, where seven of their ten children were baptised over the next 13 years.


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