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Le Porcq family page

This surname, also found as Le Porc, dates back to the 16th century in Jersey


Thomas Le Porcq was buried in St Brelade in November 1627

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Origins of surname

Cochon is the common name in French for pig, but porc is also used, particularly for pigs kept for meat. So, the name would have been given to a keeper of pigs, or someone who was believed to be as dirty as a pig.

We can find no distinction between Le Porc and Le Porcq in Jersey families. The two spellings have been used for church records within individual family groups.

Early records

The name first appears in 1564 with the marriage of Roger Le Porcq to Phelinne Galles, daughter of Helier. In 1575 the baptism of Sara, daughter of Helier Le Porc was recorded. She died in infancy.


  • Le Porc
  • Le Porcq
  • Leporc
  • Leporcq

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