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Thomas John Le Sauteur in Front of Grouville Arsenal at Croix de la Bataille, drill sergeant in East Regiment of Jersey Militia

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Origin of Surname

Sauteur is the French word for jumper and may refer either to an athlete or a tumbler.

However, the name could also come from the Latin saltuarius for forester, or, according to French sources, from a cooper who arranged fish in barrels.

Early history in Jersey

The first mention of the name Le Sauteur in Jersey dates from 1528, in the Extentes, but the family will have been established long before that.

At this date a Jean Le Sauteur was living in Grouville. An indication of the antiquity of the family in Jersey is the fact that among the many fiefs in the Island is that of Le Fief ès Sauteux (or le Fief aux Sauteux) which is in La Vintaine des Marais, Grouville.

Branches were eventually established in every parish of the east of the Island.

Though perhaps not outstanding, the family has been down the centuries of good yeoman stock (dé bouonne cliâsse, in Jèrriais), very many of them ordinary but nevertheless often eminent members who will have contributed, as hundreds of thousands of other Jersiais, to the life and welfare of our beloved, and their beloved Île de Jersey in all ways and means, in all trades and profession but especially so as humble but subtantial members of the farming community .

The name appears in the Extente of 1528 but a Fief Sauteur can be dated back to 1300.


  • Le Sauteur, 1528
  • Sauteur
  • Sauteux
  • l'Sauteux
  • Sautour

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Family histories

  • In 1619, Katherine Le Sauteur, wife of Estienne Le Sauteur, having been convicted of night revelry in masquerade, dressed as a man and wearing breeches, was ordered to sit all through Saturday in the market stocks with the offending garment hung up beside her and again on Sunday in the stocks at St Peter's churchyard.
  • In 1660, 15-year-old Elizabeth Le Sauteur was killed by a canon ball in Trinity cemetery
  • Philippe George Le Sauteur was elected as Deputy for the Parish of Grouville in the first election for Deputies in the States held in January 1857. He held the post for three years. He was Churchwarden at Grouville Paris Church, but clashed with the Rector over the introduction of English into the church services. He also acted as an Aide-de-camp to Major General Burke Cuppage who was the Lieut-Governor of Jersey 1863-1868. He was also a Sergeant Major in the Royal Jersey Militia Régiment de L'Est.


Le Sauteur family members who served in World War 1

Two brothers, born in Canada to Jersey father Wallace Le Sauteur (1869- ) son of Edouard Elie and Susanne Carterette Hamon

  • Ernest Edward Le Sauteur (1896- ) (Can) Sergeant, Quebec Regiment
  • Wallace Edward Le Sauteur (1897- ) Gunner, Canadian Field Artillery

  • William George Le Sauteur (1894- ) (St H) son of John William Battam and Emma Mary Susan Queree, Private, Machine Gun Corps, wounded (roll of service incorrectly shows William and George as separate people)
  • William Philip Le Sauteur, Medaille Militaire, (1878-1923) (St H) son of Thomas and Eliza, Chief Petty Officer RN, HMS Galatea
  • William Thomas Le Sauteur, Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry


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