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Le Sueur family page

This surname dates back to at least 1309 in Jersey, and a century earlier in Normandy


Le Sueur family portrait

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Origin of Surname

Le Sueur is old French for shoe maker.

Early records

The name is long established in Jersey, appearing in the Assize Roll of 1309. It is common in Normandy and examples have been found in records dating back to 1198

Although Le Sueur records only start appearing in the parish registers at the end of the 16th century and early in the 17th, all in St Helier, it is known that the family was established in Trinity some time before this, although the first records in that parish are from the 1620s. Benjamin Le Sueur was born in Trinity, perhaps in 1558, and married Sara Gruchy. They had two daughters, both named Marie, the first born in 1611 and the second in 1620, who died in 1689 and married Nicolas Cabot, s of Thomas and Jeanne Bisson

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

Des Bois, in his great Armorial of France, says of this name that it belongs to a "famille tres ancienne en Normandie, qui s'est, dans tous les temps, comme aujourd'hui, conciliée I'estime generale de tons les nobles et gens de distinction de son canton. Elle ne s'est alliée qu'a des maisons nobles."!

The advent of the local branch into Jersey was probably caused by one of the earlier political or religious disturbances in France, which drove many members of ancient French families to seek an asylum in the island. Here it became connected with many of the best houses of Jersey, and amongst others, with those of Le Hardy, Poingdestre, Pipon, Hilgrove, Dumaresq, Messervy, and Gibaut.

One of its most noteworthy members, was the late Peter Le Sueur, Constable of St Helier, whose public services and energetic patriotism were so fully recognised by his countrymen, as to cause them to erect to his memory the only monument existing in the island, to record its obligations to the unremitting exertions of a public servant. This monument, a plain obelisk, in the Egyptian style, was erected in 1857, in one of the principal thoroughfares of St Helier (Broad Street). Branches of the family are represented by the Rev Abraham Le Sueur, Rector of the parish of Grouville, and by Joshua-Philip Le Sueur, of H M Customs.


As borne by the Rev Abraham Le Sueur) : Azure, a chevron between two crescents, in chief, and a rose in base, or.

  • Impaling : Or, a cross, formée, between four eagles, displayed, sable, for Dixon
  • Crest : A bezant, charged with a rose, gules
  • Motto : Sure


  • Lesueur
  • Le Sueur, 1597
  • Le Suor, 1377
  • Sutor (Latinized)
  • Le Suour 1309

Family records


Family trees

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Family photographs

This photograph was described as being the Le Sueur family, taken in Jersey in 1883. It is certainly the Le Sueur family - Adolphus Albert, his wife Emily, nee Renouf, and children Beatrice Emily, Clarence Adolphus, Ivan James, Constance and Eunice - but it could not have been taken in 1883, because Eunice was not born until 1890. And it is also unlikely that it was taken in Jersey. Adolphus and Emily were both born in the island, but married in London, where Adolphus was working as a commercial traveller. After the birth of Beatrice, Clarence and Ivan the family emigrated to New Zealand, where Constance and Eunice were born. The photograph matches one already in our collection, clearly from the same sitting, and identified as having been taken in New Zealand

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