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Le Tubelin family page

We have not been able to find this family name, which first appeared in 14th century Jersey records, outside of the island


John Le Tourneur was buried in St Saviour in 1556

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Origins of surname

This is a most unusual family. It was present in Jersey from the early 14th century until the mid-19th, but then appears to have died out. There were 158 family baptisms in the period from 1540 to 1834, 148 burials and 30 marriages, the great majority of them in St Saviour. We have been unable to find any trace of the name outside Jersey. There is also no mention of the name in any of our usual sources for the origin of surnames.

Early records

The first Le Tubelin in Jersey family records was Lunaire, who is recorded as the father of three children baptised in St Saviour between 1540 and 1559. But Charles Stevens, author of our Comprehensive list of Jersey surnames indicates that the name was present as early as 1309, suggesting that it was mentioned in the Assize Roll of that year. It was certainly mentioned in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550: ffrances, Guillaume, Lunaire and Philippe all feature in that document.

1535 property transaction

In Jersey Archive catalogue (L/F/57/3), there is a mention of a Drouet Le Tubelin, who must have been born sometime late in the 15th century, and his son Michiel. The entry is dated 28 October 1535:

"Bail à fin d'Héritage between John Nicholle Seigneur of Longueville of the first party and Michiel Le Tubelin of the second party. Records the lease in perpetuity from 1 to 2 of Val Greult [Grouville?], Grand Camp de la Roche a l'estalonne, Grand Camp de Radier joining the King's Road [Grouville?], Petit Camp de Radier joining the King's Road [Grouville?] and land near l'Hotel of John Fauvel all in Grouville and St Clement. In exchange 2 leases in perpetuity to 1 the Grand Clos which belonged to Drouet Le Tubelin, his father, Grand Camp de la Blanche Pierre, and land in the buttiere de la Blanche Pierre all in Grouville and St Saviour. In front of Helier de Cartheret [Carteret], Bailiff and Richard Pain and Nichollas Journeaulx, Jurats of the King"


  • Le Tubelin 1749, 1668, 1617, 1607, 1555, 1461-78, 1381, 1309
  • Le Tublyn 1528
  • des Tubley 1309

Ahier family

The Le Tubelin family was closely associated with the Ahiers in the 17th century. Descendants of Lucas Ahier - 2 shows that between 1604 and 1615 three Ahier men married Le Tubelins, and there was a fourth such marriage in 1675. The association goes back further to 1600, when Jacques Le Tubelin married Marie Ahier.

Family records


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Family wills

This will created by a member of the Le Tubelin family is now held by Jersey Archive. By visiting the archive site and using the names, date and reference number shown here, it is possible to view a copy of each will. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. To find out more about this collection, which covers the period from 1663 to 1980, and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page

  • Thomasse Le Tubelin 26 November 1715 - D/Y/A/5
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