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Les Capelles, St Sampson Guernsey

About 1600, Pierre Falla, second son of Jean Falla, de la Grande Maison, in the Parish of St. Sampson, settled at Les Capelles, in the same parish, where his descendants remained until the middle of the nineteenth century.

Les Capelles, St John Jersey

In or about 1788, Isaac Falla, of Les Capelles, sold his Guernsey property to his brother Pierre Falla, and settled in St John, Jersey, on an estate which he bought, by deed of 6 September 1788, from Philippe Hubert. The latter had bought this property on 1 July 1775 from Esther Esnouf, daughter of Josue Esnouf and Susanne de Ste Croix, Esther Esnouf having become tenante apres decret to her father's inheritance.

The estate comprised about 55 vergées of land, with a "vivier" or fish-pond, etc, the whole situated in the Parish of St John, on the Fiefs Esnouf and à l'Abbesse de Caen. Isaac Falla named this property Les Capelles, after his ancestral home in Guernsey, and it was he who planted most of the beautiful oak trees which surround the estate.

From Falla pedigree prepared in 1904 by E P Le Feuvre, for Walter Falla.

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