Les Huriaux Farm

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Historic Jersey buildings

Les Huriaux Farm, St Ouen

Drawing from Old Jersey Houses showing
the pigeon holes in the outbuilding wall

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Property name

Les Huriaux Farm

Other names

  • Les Huriaux
  • Maison Grandin


Ruelle du Coin, St Ouen

Type of property

18/19th century country house with possible medieval origins


Families associated with the property


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This is an important group of buildings. The main house is built in the very best quality materials and workmanship and reflects the grandness and order of the early Georgian style perfectly. The unusual outbuilding to the north may be of medieval origin. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

18th/19th century house with earlier rear/north outbuilding of possible circa 1500 origins. The unusual relieving-arch on the south facade has also been recorded as a feature on Manor Farm and similar is known to exist at St Ouen's Manor. They are not thought to exist anywhere else in the island.

Both this house and manor farm are said to have once been De Cateret properties. The unknown function of this building is intriguing, and its medieval appearance invites even more questions. Though most of the dressed openings on its south appear late 17th or early 18th century, at least one pair on the rear/north elevation appear very early.

Old Jersey Houses

There is an old house behind the main dwelling house, and it has some unusual features. There are volieres a pigeons which generally denote a house of some standing, and yet the masonry is rough and uneven.

There is a straight stone stairway in the south facade and above the main door, now serving a stable, is a relieving arch of a type more often seen in the castles than in domestic houses. This could point to a very early date indeed.

Notes and references

  1. Not Elie Le Montais as shown in Datestone Register
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