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Les Ifs
Les Ifs from the air today

This property was owned by the Le Breton family in the 17th century and passed to Nicolas du Feu, son of Richard, when he married Marie Le Breton in 1709. A datestone on the north elevation of the old house was inscribed 17 RDF 35. Elsewhere was a stone inscribed RDF 1746 EG commemorating Nicolas and Marie's son Richard, who married Elizabeth Gruchy.

Towards the end of the 18th century the house passed by marriage from the du Feu to the Cabot family, as indicated by a datestone ICB EDF 1789. The significance of the date is uncertain because the stone refers to Jean and Elizabeth du Feu, who were married in about 1770, and had three children, Elizabeth (1770- ), Jean (1772- ) and Marie (1775- ). The Cabots still owned the property in the mid 19th century, when J Cabot was shown as occupier on the 1849 Godfray Map.

A gatepost had a stone inscribed IFCB♥♥MAJN 1852 for Jean Francois Cabot and Marie Ann Journeaux.

The house was demolished and rebuilt with the original stone in the 20th century.

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