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Les Murailles


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Property name

Les Murailles

Other names

  • Catherine House
  • 1 and 2 St Martin's Terrace


Grande Route de Rozel, St Martin

Type of property

Pair of mid-19th century houses


Catherine House sold for £525,000 in 2006

Families associated with the property

  • Collings: After the German Occupation a claim for £191 for damage to 1 St Martin's Terrace was made by the Rev D L Collings
  • L'Amy: In 1941 Paul Pierre Lamy, born in France in 1862, and his wife Amy, née Chamberlain (1866- ) were living at No 2 St Martin's Terrace


1848 - No initials

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This 1848 house, paired to have the perception of a villa, contributes to the streetscape. It retains its grandeur and exterior historic features.

Built in 1848 for use by the senior managers of civil engineering contractors Jackson and Bean, who were overseeing the construction of the Admiralty Harbour at St Catherine. Later used as the Manse for St Martin's Methodist Church.

Requisitioned by German occupying forces in the 1940s for use with nearby battery, located in what is now the cemetery.

Semi-detached house, set back from road, paired with Catherine House. Two-storey with lower ground floor, three-bay with side, raised entrance wing set back from front elevation. Hipped slate roof with central rendered chimney shared with neighbour; rooflights.

Notes and references

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