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Historic Jersey buildings

Les Pommiers, St Lawrence


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Property name

Les Pommiers


Rue de Haut, St Lawrence

Type of property

Farmhouse with early 17th century origins


Sold for £2,750,000 in 2007

Families associated with the property

  • Le Maistre
  • Cadec: Cecile Cadec, née Raoul (1884- ) and her daughter Cecile Kathleen Cadec (1914- ) were living here in 1941


Neither stone is included in OJH or the Datestone Register

A satellite view of what is a very substantial property

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A traditional Jersey farm house with circa 1600 origins evidenced by the arch doorway, refaced and updated in 18th century. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Four-bay, two-storey house. New wing to the east and converted two-storey farm wing forming an L shape with the house.

Farm building has been converted to residential use with openings variously altered. The house displays Jersey’s vernacular tradition in the use of local materials and details, including a round arch doorway.

Old Jersey Houses

The property merits only a single paragraph in Vol One:

"The rather spectacular flying arch on the road is quite modern. But the round arch of the main house is an earlier one, with wide chamfers, and double voussoirs, with the oulining row of small stones as well. It is composed of eleven stones, and does not appear to have been altered."

Notes and references

  1. NPD could be for Nicolas Poingdestre and the ISLM may relate to Le Maistre on the earlier stone, but we have been unable to come up with any definite interpretation for this stone. It does not fit any known marriage record. The only record of the stone is in the HER record and it may have been misread
The roadside arch referred to in OJH
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