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Historic Jersey buildings

Les Pres, St Martin


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Property name

Les Pres


Rue des Potirons, St Martin

Type of property

17th century, or possibly older, house


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Anthoine
  • Nicolle: P Nicolle on the 1849 Godfray map
  • Amy: The 1881 census shows farmer of over 13 acres John Amy (1817- ) and his wife Elizabeth (1813- ) living here with their children John (1846- ), Esther (1851- ), Philip (1853- ) and Jane (1857- ), and their grandchilren John (1869- ), Philip (1870- ) Walter (1871- ) and Laura (1873- )
  • Dumotier: René Desiré Jean Baptiste Dumoitier (1912- ), Marie Dumoitier (1919- ), Yvonne Angèle Morinne Dumoitier, nee Larose (1913- ) and Marie Henriette Aimee Larose (1896- ) were living here in 1941



Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An original house of 17th century, and likely earlier origins, with later house developed in the mid-19th century, retaining historic character and features of interest.

The later developments create an attractive farm grouping.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

It is considered that the original house pre-dates the 17th century and was altered in 1675. In the north wall a 17th century oak window frame, ground floor fireplace with lightly decorated corbels and part of the uprights. The present floor level appears to be 2 ft higher than original.

Gable stone at east end also. Original two-storey, three-bay 17th century house, now outbuilding, extended to west, with throughway, returning in two storeys to west as outbuildings, now converted, and ending with mid-19th century, three-bay house.

Old Jersey Houses

An entry in Volume Two mentions the datestoanes, and a 17th century oak window frame in the north wall of the original house.

A stream flows through the property, coming under the road from Le Mourin, and a side stream feeds cress beds and what may have been a lavoir or abreuvoir.

Notes and references

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