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Historic Jersey buildings

London House, St John


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Property name

London House


Chemin des Hougues, St John

Type of property

A single-storey cottage, rather than a house


Sold for £306,000 in 2003

Families associated with the property

  • Ahier: Edouard Ahier left London House in his 1871 will to Marie Sauvage, for life, reverting to Elizabeth Arthur
  • Hamon: Jean Marie Joseph Hamon (1886- ) and his wife Marie, nee Dautun (1884- ) were living here in 1941


  • EDAH 1842 EDVG - For Edouard Ahier and Ester d'Auvergne, who married in St John in 1806. Edouard was born in 1775, the son of Edouard and Elizabeth, nee Richardson. We have not been able to place these Ahiers in any of our trees

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This cottage retains its proportions and associated small holding outbuildings including one with an unusual vaulted roof. It has fine stonework, surviving front door, fireplace/bread oven and beams/joists.

A building is shown on this site on the Richmond map of 1795.

The existing house structure is predominantly 19th century.

Single storey, five-bay cottage with single storey outbuildings attached to west with pigsties on west gable and lavoir bowl in front corner.

Detached to south west is conical, stone vaulted roofed building, perhaps pigsty although function unknown.

Old Jersey Houses

A brief entry in Vol Two refers to the datestone and notes that the valley stream which separates the parishes of St John and St Mary runs at the bottom of the garden. Behind the house rise steep and very early cotils. The steep track to the south of the house is named Petticoat Lane.

Notes and references

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