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Machon family page

This Jersey family, which traces its history in the island possibly back to the 13th century, may also be found spelt Macon


Theophile Machon 1902

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Origin of Surname

The surname Machon is derived from the old French for the occupation of mason (modern french: maçon). It is first found in Guernsey in the Extente des Iles of 1274. It is also found in Jersey in the 1331 Extente and the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

Early record

  • Catherine Machon (1495- ) Jersey d of Lucas, m Matthieu Hicques


  • Machon, 1279
  • Maschon, c1510
  • Masson 1576
  • Le Machon 15c
  • Machen 1377-99
  • Mason
  • Massun c1340
  • Machun
  • Macon, a variant but probably a different family in Jersey

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