Madeleine and Bob Norman

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Jersey's Great War heroes:

Madeleine and Bob Norman


Despatch rider Bob Norman

This is one of a number of articles published by the Jersey Evening Post on 10 November 2018, the day before the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. They tell the stories of a number of Jerseymen and Jerseywomen who were distinguished by their bravery during the war. Some survived to recount their own experiences, others perished in the conflict and never saw their native island again.

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Madeleine Norman

Bob Norman's job during the war was as a despatch rider in France in the Signals Division of the Royal Engineers. Despatch riders were used to carry messages and reports, which were often secret, between headquarters and fighting soldiers. It was a dangerous job as riders could be blown up by a mine, shot or captured by the enemy.

Mr Norman's family believe he was one of the first motorcycle despatch riders in the war. Injured in 1916, he received treatment at Netley Hospital in Southampton.

On returning to the island he resumed work at the family firm, Norman Ltd. He was married with three sons: Francis, who has died, Bob and Charles.

His sister Madeleine was a Queen Alexandra nurse, but it is not known where she cared for patients during the war.

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