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Maison Alexandre, St Brelade


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Property name

Maison Alexandre


Rue du Croquet

Type of property

St Aubin's High Street town house


Sold in 2018 for £813,000

Families associated with the property

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A prominent, substantial townhouse, with likely circa 18th century origins, re-fronted 19th century, retaining many original exterior and some interior features of architectural and historic interest.

The presence of the house on the Richmond map is vague as it shows what is presumably a row of buildings in the vicinity, but without obvious indication that this is the same property. However, the existing façade has clearly been altered and a number of earlier openings have been blocked up to create the current more classically proportioned frontage.

The 6-panel front door with strap hinge at the back is concurrent with the 18th/19th turn of the century Jersey houses, moving from the more traditional Jersey type to the 19th century English influence; in which case this could match the 1805 date.

That still leaves an earlier structure, which could have been a store or a more modest building. It is also rather a low property, with smaller first floor windows.

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