Maison de La Ville es Philippes

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Historic Jersey buildings

Maison de La Ville es Philippes, Grouville


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Property name

Maison de La Ville es Philippes

Other names

  • Ville es Philippes


Rue es Philippes, Grouville

Type of property

18th century farm


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Aubin
  • Mourant: P Mourant on 1849 Godfray map
  • Slattery: In 1941 an application was made by Patrick Slattery (1916- ) for postponement of Military Service


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This mid-18th century farmhouse and complex of farm buildings is a good example of farmyard development. The main farmhouse has fine stonework externally and many internal historic features, of particular note are the panelling and fireplaces. This building is shown on the Richmond map of 1795.

The early core of the farmhouse is considered to be incorporated in the northeast wing, the five-bay farmhouse dating from the mid/late 18th century.

The main two-storey five-bay farmhouse has a two-storey wing to the northeast and a 20th century two-storey porch to the northwest. Detached two-storey L-shaped building, with single storey section to west, sits across yard to north. Running north/south to west of yard is a two-storey converted barn. At the north end of this barn is a detached single storey cottage. 20th century garage detached to west of barn. Avenue running west from barn to gateway on to Rue es Philippes.

Old Jersey Houses

Referring to the 17 TAB ITZ stone which represents Thomas Aubin and Jeanne Touzel, nee Le Couteur, the entry in Vol Two notes that it is most unusual to find a widow's initials on a stone. A widow marrying for the second time would normally have her maiden name recorded.

"The name of this delightful group of farms probably derives from a Mariot Philippe, who held land on the Fief du Roi and the Fief Astelle in Grouville in 1558. The boundary between these fiefs passes through the farmyard"

Notes and references

  1. We can find no record of this stone other than its includion in the HER record. Clement was the father of Thomas on the next stone and it seems unlikely that both would have been recorded at the same date. The stone may have been misread
  2. This stone is recorded in OJH Vol One and also the Datestone Register and can be seen above the front door in the picture above
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