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Maps of Jersey and the Channel Islands


A 16th century map showing St Aubin's Bay, one of the earliest known maps of the island. The map is orientated east at the top, and the two structures in the bay are Elizabeth Castle (top) and St Aubin's Fort

This page contains the largest online collection of maps of Jersey and the other Channel Islands. The maps cover the period from the 16th century to the 20th, and there are links to pages containing detailed images of some of the most important maps. Jersey Heritage has a larger collection of maps but they are not accessible online

A map produced around 1758 by the Cassini family, famous French cartographers, showing Jersey and the nearby Normandy coast

1785 map of Jersey

A 1785 map of Jersey drawn by an unknown Army officer

Click on any section of the map to see a larger image

U16Map1783b.jpg U16Map1783g.jpg U16Map1783h.jpg
U16Map1783c.jpg U16Map1783f.jpg U16Map1783i.jpg
U16Map1783d.jpg U16Map1783e.jpg U16Map1783j.jpg

Bibliotheque Nationale

These maps from the Bibliotheque Nationale collection in Paris are also included in appropriate sections below. Click on any map to open a zoomable version on the Bibliotheque site, in a new tab, or new window, depending on your browser settings

Unknown date - Zoom in on this map
18th century - Zoom in on this map
G17JerseyMap1894.jpg G17Map1595.jpg
G17Map1755.jpg G17Map1757a.jpg G17Map1778.jpg G17Map1779.jpg
G17Map1836.jpg G17MapHermanMoll.jpg
Herman Moll, c1730s - Zoom in on this map
Piquet, 19th century - Zoom in on this map
Tibbles town map - Zoom in on this map
G17CIMap1746.jpg G17CIMap1645.jpg BN18BartholomewMap.jpg
Bartholomew map of St Helier - Zoom in on this map
G17Map1756.jpg G17TownMap1864.jpg G17CoastMap1754.jpg G17Map1757.jpg

Dated maps

A map showing coastal areas which were off limits to islanders during the German Occupation

Miscellaneous maps

St Helier's seafront before land was reclaimed to create what is now known as the Weighbridge. In the centre are the Royal Square, with the Town Church below. The waterline runs roughly level with what is today called Mulcaster Street

A series of maps showing the development of St Helier as a town


A hand-drawn map of the Dérouilles (sometimes spelt Dirouilles, and called Le Plateau des Derouilles) which are a mile to the west of Les Ecréhous. The map was drawn from memory by Angus Faed while working in England during WW2. His son Colin, who sent us the map, says that his father drew it partly so that the knowledge of the rocks and their names would not be lost, and also in case it might be of use to British forces planning a raid on Jersey. It is not known whether any such use was ever made of the map
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