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Mearnskirk, St Martin


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Property name



Les Charrieres, St Martin

Other names

Les Charrieres [1]

Type of property

Country house with 15th century origins


This is one of two de Quetteville properties within sight of each other, with adjoining land, that were clearly once part of a single holding. This is clearly the older property of the two.

Medieval properties were, out of practicality, sited in dips in the surrounding terrain or at the head of a valley. This house meets both criteria. Shelter was needed because fuel was scarce and the close proximity to water was essential, hence the valley locations and dips in the surrounding land.

As the older of the two properties, this will have been the original chef mainte of this branch of de Quettevilles. Edmond de Quetteville, Constable of St Martin, 1587-1597, will almost certainly have lived here. Philippe de Quetteville (1717- ) was born and grew up here, before settling in St Helier. His occupation is unknown, but he was the father of the Jersey and Newfoundland merchant, David de Quetteville (1755-1822), who founded, circa 1787, what would later become Jersey`s principal Labrador firm in the cod fisheries. The family still owned Les Charrieres in the late 19th century


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Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An early house of 16th century [2] origins, retaining vernacular features and character. This building is shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Developments in 18th century.

Two-storey, four-bay house wtih slate roof with brick chimneys on each gable. Walls are random granite rubble with chamfered, heightened six-stone windows, some with accolade lintels. Chamfered doorway with incised shield in door lintel. Research evidence of tourelle doorways to rear.

Old Jersey Houses

This early house failed to make it into either volume

Notes and references

  1. It was known by the name of the road before it was called, in the mid-to-late 20th century, the historically unsuitable Mearnskirk. It would be better if it reverted to being Les Charrieres
  2. 15th century origins are, here, far more likely
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