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Michel family page

This surname can be found in 13th century records in Jersey


Mrs W Michel

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Origin of Surname

This surname is derived from the personal name Michel.

It is a European medieval surname of Crusader, but ultimately biblical origins. Deriving from the ancient Hebrew name "Michael" meaning "He who is like god", it was introduced from the Holy Land by returning warriors from the various Crusades commencing in the 12th century and which continued for several centuries with minimal success. During the period of the Christian Revival at this time, the name rapidly became established as firstly one of the most popular baptismal names, and within a generation as one of the early surnames. Part of this popularity was due to the conviction that the name was originally the warcry of the archangel, in his defeat of Satan.

It was in England that the first recordings are to be found with Michaelis de Areci appearing in the Danelaw Rolls for the city of London, in 1160, although the first surname recording would seem to be in Scotland when Magister Michael appears in the register of Scone Abbey, in 1214. A notable early namebearer was Blaunpayn Michael, a Latin poet who flourished circa 1250, and was traditionally dean of Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

Early records

It appears in the Extente of 1331. The first baptism records in Jersey date back to 1596 but these other records survive for the following

  • Jean Michel was born in St John in 1504 and married Guillemette Sarre
  • Jeanne Michel (1566-1615) was the daughter of Henri (1529- ) of Grouville


Found in Jersey records

  • Michel, 1299
  • Michell, 1528
  • Michiel, 1331
  • Michies 1331
  • Mich 1461
  • Miquiel 1331
  • Michael 1299

Found elsewhere

  • Miell, Miall, Michel, Micheau, and Micheu (France)
  • Michele and Micheli (Italy)
  • Miguel (Portugal and Spain)
  • Miell and Michal (Poland)
  • Michel (Hungary)
  • Michelet, Michelin (France)
  • Misisch and Miscke (Germany)
  • Michalik and Mielnik (Poland)
  • Michaley (Czech)
  • Miko (Hungary)
  • Patronymics such as Michaelson, Mikkelsen, Mikhalkov, Michaeliewicz

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