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Historic Jersey buildings

Mon Plaisir, St Mary


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Property name

Mon Plaisir

Other names

Mon Plaisir Cottage


Rue de Bel Air, St Mary

Type of property

18th century farm with later development, but 15th century origins


  • Sold for £463,000 in 2005 and for £425,000 later in the same year

Families associated with the property


  • TAB ♥ ELC 1823 - For Thomas Appleby and Elizabeth Le Cras[3]
  • TAB ♥♥ EDC - No date. For Thomas Appleby and Elizabeth de Caen
An old photograph, date unknown. Note the first-floor conservatory which has long since disappeared

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An historic farmstead of principally 18-19th century character, with much earlier circa 1500 origins. Mon Plaisir retains a cohesive character and its ancillary structures include a locally characteristic 19th century combination farm building with glazed upper windows, and good quality stone-built pigsties.

A building is shown on this site on the Richmond Map of 1795. The building dates from 15-16th century, developed in the 18th century and refronted in 1823. A farm group with L-shaped plan, comprising a south-facing farmhouse attached to the working buildings - an outbuilding and pigsties to the west, with a single-storey outbuilding range projecting forward on the east side; all enclosing a front garden and yard.

21st century residential development to rear.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included despite very early origins. One datestone included in Vol Two list with incorrect initial

Notes and references

  1. Although we have little doubt that Peter was descended from one of the Therin families which came to Jersey from the Brittany town of Ploeuc-sur-Lie we have not been able to place him in any of our Therin trees
  2. Clifford was the son of Eugene Peter Michel, a farm labourer. We have not been able to place them in our Michel family tree, or find any more information about this family
  3. Shown in OJH list as ELG, corrected in Datestone Register
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