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Nicolas Lempriere

Nicolas Lempriere (1611-67) was a physician and Jurat
appointed by Oliver Cromwell


He was the son of Jurat Hugh Lempriere, Seigneur of Dielament, and Jeanne Herault, daughter of Jean, the Greffier. Born on 12 December 1611 he was educated at Merchant Taylors School and King's College, Cambridge. He took his MB in 1636 and his MD at Caen in 1639.

In 1641 he was practising in London in Sermon Lane. When the Civil War began, he was drawn into politics on the Parliamentary side, and in 1649 was appointed one of the Contractors to sell the lands and goods of the King and Queen. In July he was sent to take an inventory of 102 horses, "part of the late King's personal estate". In 1650 he was a Trustee to sell the Fee-Farm Rents formerly belonging to the Crown. In 1651, after the recovery of Jersey by Parliament, Michel Lempriere, his brother, the Cromwellian Bailiff, wrote to the Speaker:

"Dr Lempriere, who hath been very painful, and is still careful for the good of this poor island, is perfectly well acquainted with the government of the country and integrity of the people. He is able to recommend unto Parliament some able persons who are fit in this island to serve really and truly the Commonwealth".


In 1652 he was busy "selling the Castles, Parks, etc, belonging to the late King". In August he was one of the six members of the County Committee for Jersey. He was now living in the island, and in February 1655 was nominated as a Jurat by Cromwell, but was not sworn in until October 1657.

But in that year England again claimed him, and he became an "Asessor for the County of Surrey for raising the sum required from the county". At the Restoration he was pardoned under the Act of Oblivion, and resumed his medical practice. In December 1664 he was elected Honorary Fellow of the College of Physicians.

In his will, dated 1667, he describes himself as "of St Botolph's, Bishopsgate". Like the Guerdains and other Jersey exiles he had apparently become an Anabaptist, for his daughter Sarah was not baptized until she was 24.

Family tree


Descendants of Hugh Lempriere, Sara Dumaresq and Jeanne Herault

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