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53 King Street


1942: Beghin's is under the clock

Beghin's - 51 and 53 King Street

The building

Historic Enviromment Record: This building contributes to the character of this block of King Street with its late Victorian articulation and decorative features, with many external historic features remaining. Four-storey, five bays. Front elevation: roof unseen behind parapet. Rendered chimneys at east and west. Projecting cornice at gutter level with segmental pediments to each bay. Walls rendered with moulded panels on each floor.

Double window bays have full height, column architraves. Ground floor shop front modern with flat fascia. Ground floor shop runs between 51 King Street and 10 Broad Street. There is also access to 53 King Street and 8 Broad Street. The only remaining historic feature in the block is a plain fireplace surround, tiled infill and grate in the north, first floor room of 51 King Street; part of the stair handrail and baluster from second floor to attic in 10 Broad Street and a small fireplace and grate in the attic of 10 Broad Street.


This property has been home to a variety of businesses, but since 1940 it has been merged with No 51 next door by shoe manufacturers and dealers Beghin's.

Henry Miller, chemist

The first recorded occupant, in an 1833 trade directory, was glass and china dealer Philip Ahier.

The 1841 census does not identify this property separately so the next recorded occupant was Collas Jouault, who came to Jersey from Granville with his wife Berenice and daughter Claire. Berenice died in 1854 and Collas was at No 51 with his daughter.

The 1871 census shows the premises unoccupied. By 1874 chemist Henry Miller had taken over, and he would remain there until at least 1890, although there is no return for the premises in the 1881 census, nor in 1891 and 1901.

Mr Miller was followed by another chemist, E T Adams, who occupied no 53 from 1900 to at least 1919, followed in the 1930s by Piquets

Chronology [1]

  • 1833 - Philip Ahier, Glass and china dealer
  • 1851 - Collas Jouault, shoe, glass and tea merchant
  • 1861 - John Andrews, trunk maker
  • 1871 - Unoccupied at the time of the census
  • 1874-1890 - H Miller, chemist
  • 1900-1919 - E T Adams, chemist
  • 1920 - F Jackson
  • 1930 - Piquets
  • 1940 - Beghin's closed in 2019
1953: Beghin's is on the immediate left

Notes and references

  1. Many of the start and end dates given for businesses are approximate. As more business advertisements and other records are discovered the dates will be adjusted
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