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Keeping diaries during the German Occupation of Jersey was strictly prohibited, but this did not stop several islanders from doing so, and a number were published in the years following the end of the war. Some are long out of print, but others are still available today.

  • Jersey Occupation Diary by Nan Le Ruez. This is the most recent publication and it is still available from La Societe Jersiaise, Amazon and other outlets
  • The German Occupation of Jersey - an illicit diary, by Leslie Sinel, a proof reader at the Evening Post during the Occupation. Stock kept by Paul and Peggy Boleat in Jersey. Tel 743012. Also available through La Societe Jersiaise and widely available second-hand through Amazon and other outlets. Selected highlights available on Jerripedia.
  • Jersey Under the Swastika, by Phil Le Sauteur. This comprehensive diary was published in abridged form, but is now out of print. However, it is available to download in text format or as an e-book from Tony Le Sauteur's website.
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