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Mambers of the Jersey Overseas Contingent with their date of joining, rank at the end of 1915 and major military honours

† indicates that the individual died in service

Further details of each individual can be found on the Jersey Pals website and in Ian Ronayne's book Ours - The Jersey Pals in the First World War

February 1915 Contingent


Major Walter Arthur Stocker

Captain George Mitchell Johnson †

Lieutenant Cyril Victor Nicolle

Lieutenant Cyril Alfred Ogier, Military Cross

Second Lieutenant Laurence Bosdet Hibbs †


Company Sergeant Major John Dournald Le Breton, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Medaille Militaire (Fr)

Company Quartermaster Sergeant Helier William Bree, Military Medal, Belgian Croix De Guerre

Company Quarter Master Sergeant Adophus Crocker


Coutanche, William

D'Authreau, Christian Harold, Medaille Militaire

Du Heaume, Reginald, †

Harding, Nelson John †

Le Geyt, Henry

Marshall ,William Frank †

McDermott, Francis Joseph

Poignard, Francis

Turner ,Francis Arthur †

Whittle, Thomas John D'Authreau †

Lance Sergeants

De La Perrelle, Herbert Alfred

Le Riche, Francis Bevan

Reynolds, Harold Robrough †

Ross, Harry James

Sansom, Stanley John


Binet, Roy Oliver , Military Cross

Marett, John George

Moyse, Stanley Arthur

Pirouet, Arthur John Francis †

Lance Corporals

Bartlett ,Charles Russell †

Baxter, Francis John †

Bevis, Arthur

Carver, Harold †

Coles, John

Coombs, Percy William

Cullen, Joseph William , Military Medal

Filer, Albert

Finnegan, Alex John

Hoyles, George Alfred Helleur, Military Medal

Jeffreys, Ernest Willam †

Laffoley, Philip John

McCarthy, Michael John

Laugeard, Charles Isadore, DCM †

Le Feuvre, Albert †

Luce, Edward †

Mallet, Bertram John

Marshall, Albert

Minchington, Clarence George †

Moisan, Alfred Jas

Mortimer, Frederick

Mourant, George Alfred

Noel ,Edwin Lewis

Olsen, Owen L

Stott ,Percy

Sweeney, William Dennis †

Tostevin, Herbert Charles

Touzel, Osmand †

Vautier, Frank George

Watton, Francis Philip

Williams, Oscar

Williams, Stanley John

Wooton, Albert †


Fox, George James

Horman, James

Journeaux, Henry Francis , Miltary Medal

Trenchard, Samual

Weeks, Archibald Harold †


Dawe, John

Fox, Charles George †

McDermott, Frederick William




Ahier, Clarence George

Andrews, Ernest

Arnold, Henry Alfred

Aubert, Albert Edward

Auffret, John


Bailey, Arthur Herbert

Baillie, Edward Clarence

Balston, Thomas William

Banks, Henry

Banks, William Henry Louis

Battam, John Mitchell

Bertram, Ernest Francis

Biddlecombe, George

Blampied, Charles Garne †

Blampied, Charles William †

Blanchard, John Isidore

Boeshat, Joseph Marie

Boleat, John Ernest

Bonny, Peter Francis †

Boulaire, Eugene C

Boulaire, Jonathan

Bowditch, Leonard W

Brassel, Ernest

Bree, Arthur

Brisset ,Peter Jules, Military Medal

Buesnel, Clement George

Butters, John Joseph Hood


Carpenter, Henry

Carré, John Francis †

Carter, William Patrick

Cashal, James, Military Medal

Cauchard, Philip George

Cauvin, Harry Bennett †

Champion, Arthur Edward

Connell, John Robert

Coombs, Amice

Coombs, Henry E

Coombs, Herbert Sidney

Cooper, Charles

Corbel, Philip Walter

Cotillard, Peter D


De Gruchy, Philip S

De Gruchy, Philip W

De Gruchy, William Philip, Military Medal

De La Haye, Snowdon †

De La Lande, Arthur †

De Veulle, Clarence James †

Delanoe, Louis Frederick

Dobin, Arthur John

Dobin, George Rogers

Drouin, Frank Thomas, Military Medal

Du Feu, Henry

Dupré, Francis


Eraut, George Edward

Eveleigh, Edward


Fennessey, Joseph

Finch, Richard Thomas

Finch, Thomas William


Gale, Harry

Gallichan, A

Gallichan, John Charles

Gallie, Alfred Winter, †

Gallie, Arthur Walter †

Garner, George Herbert

Geary, Arthur Clarence

Geary, John George

Gibbons, Frederick William, Military Medal

Gibbons, Wallace Edward

Giffard, Edward , Military Medal

Godfray, Francis Philip

Godrich, Clarence Henry

Gordon, Alfred Louis

Gosselin, Ernest John Philip †

Gregory,Oscar Clarence †

Guillet, Harry

Gulliford, Harold John Banks †


Hacquoil, Stephen Philip

Haines, William Theodore

Hamon, Thomas J

Herbert, Eugène

Herviou, John William

Hibbs, William Henry

Hopkins, Walter George †

Houguet, Philip Charles Renouf

Huchet, Albert Jean

Hughes, William George


Jehan, Albert Thomas

Jesty, William James

Johns, William Herbert †

Jones, William

Journeaux, Clarence Arthur

Journeaux, Wilfred


Keast, John Edward

Kent,Henry Edward

Kerry, Sidney John James

Kessell, Cyril


Labou, John

Laffoley, James Le Templier

Lafolley, Charles Francis

Larbalestier, Morris

Laugée, Alfred

Laurens, William (George) W †

Le Boutillier, Francis Daniel

Le Breton, St Elmo †

Le Cocq, Clarence Ernest

Le Feuvre, J

Le Feuvre, William Frederick †

Le Gresley, Ernest

Le Lievre, Francis Richard

Le Lievre, George Philip †

Le Monnier, Charles Frederick

Le Piez, Leon Thomas

Le Provost, John Francis

Le Quelenec, Charles Oscar

Le Sueur, Charles Winter

Le Vaillant, William T

Le Vesconte, Stanley Claude

Lewis, Arthur George

L'Homme, Peter

Louis, Ernest Frank †

Lozouet, Louis

Lucas, Frank Mark Leonard

Luce, John Allix, Military Medal


Machon, Edward David †

Male, Arthur Joseph †

Mallet, Alfred

Mangan, Lawrence

Marais, Philip Charles

Marett, Alfred John

Marett, Alfred John

Marrett, Edwin Alfred Reginald

Martin, Walter George †

Mauger, Reginald Arthur †

McClinton, Edward Cornelius

Morcel, Alfred John

Moy, Joseph Marie †

Moyse, James Lionel


Nerac, Francis Philip


Olivery, Sidney John †


Pallot, Charles Pinwell

Pallot, John

Pearce, George Edward †

Pennec, Alfred †

Perks, Harry , Military Medal

Picot, George Charles †

Price, Joseph

Prigent, Augustin


Ralph, William Henry

Richards, Albert †

Richards, Harry †

Richomme, Albert John

Risebridger, William George †

Rodger ,James Jim

Rogers ,Arthur Llywellan †

Romeril ,Henry John

Ronxin, Jean Baptiste

Rowe, Henry Francis


Salain, Emile

Scoones, Christopher James Philips †

Scott, Dick †

Sorel, Francis Peter

St George, Edward

Stivey, Albert Edward


Vallois, Ernest †

Vasse, Pierre Louis †

Vautier, Clarence George

Vautier, Francis Louis A

Vibert, James †

Vibert, John †

Vickers, Joseph Charles, Military Medal


Walters, Charles Henry

Warren, William Arthur †

West, William Charles †

Whiteman, William George

Wickers, Edwin Gerald

Wickers, George Frederick

Willmott, George Arthur

Winter, John R

March 1915


Laurent, Marcel Morris Emile

Macfarlane, Henry

April 1915


Hervé, William †

Shackell, Alfred Charles

May 1915


Dobin, Frank William

Durell, Arthur

Laffoley, Arthur James

Le Breton, Adrian Hector

Mallet, Charles Edwin Ralph †

Richmond, Thomas

Risebridger, Charles Frederick

June 1915

Lance corporal

Roche, Arthur Francis


Bourke, Thomas Patrick(?)

Buttery, Charles Henry †

Cawley, Francis Charles

De Bourcier, Francis Edward

Neville, William Henry

Randall, Lawrence Binet

Vade, Cyril Walpole

July 1915


Thelland, William John , Company Sergeant Major

Gosling, Thomas Charles, Sergeant


Banks, Robert Thomas

Baton, John William

Blampied, Sidney George, Military Medal

Bliault, Sylvan John

Bree, John Francis

Brée, William George

Brin, Stephen †

Brochet, Harold

Cornick , Arthur Edward

Crenan, Joseph †

Dorkins, Clarence †

Freeman, Alfred Herbert

Garde, Winter †

Gold, Peter John Morris

Jehan, Alfred

Jordan, Bernard †

Le Geyt, Abraham Sidney

Le Lievre, Walter James

Le Monnier, Sydney

Le Rue, John

Le Sueur, Charles Edward

Le Tourneur, Jack

Lunn, Frank Victor †

Mallet, Arthur Frederick

Matson, Alfred Fred

McLeod, Edward John †

Monet, Edwin Dawe

Morin, Albert Edwin

Morrissey, John

Noel, George Edward

Norris, Harold Simon

Pallot, Abraham John

Parker, Charles Walter †

Quant, William George

Remy, William George †

Robert, Roberts John Bryant

Sohier, Phillip John

Stephens, Albert William

Thomas, Harry

Veron, Ernest Augustus

Wherry, Harry

Wooton, William

August 1915


Bastin, Edward Charles

Battam, Harold, Military Medal

Best, William Joseph

Blanchet, Jean Baptiste †

Collis, Frederick

Dauvin, Alfred Rene Andre

Gionta, Joseph Louis, †

Hingston, Alfred

Honeycombe, Samual George

Marshall, Reginald

Renouf, William

Ruellan, Peter Henry

Torode, Cyril

Vickers, Harold Alfred

Weeks, Robert Maxwell

December 1915


Le Claire, Louis Joseph †

February 1916

Second Lieutenant Thomas Willis Dickson
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