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Pallot family page

This surname appears in early-14th century records in Jersey

Elize Ann Pallot

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Origin of Surname

A wide variety of explanations have been put forward for the derivation of the Jersey surname Pallot (see link to family history below). It is probably most likely that the name derives from the French surname Paillette, found in some numbers in Normandy today. There are also some 1,300 Pallots listed in the directory of telephone subscribers throughout France.

Paillette, found in Normandy as early as 1273, is derived from Medieval French paillettte (sequin), suggestion that it originally referred to a maker of gold and silver sequins; Paillette could also be the feminine form of paillet, old Fench for an ear of wheat, indicating a winnower.

Early records

The name appears in the Assize Roll of 1309 and Collas, Guillaume and Jehan appear in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

Baptism records start in St Saviour in 1544


  • Pallot, 1309
  • Palot, 1299
  • Pallott 1342
  • Palot Vitard 1299
  • Paillette

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Pallot twins at the 1906 Jersey Battle of Flowers
Ministers and lay preachers of the Methodist French Circuit in 1867, including Abraham Pallot. The picture was taken by Asplet and Green a year after they set up in business at 18½ Beresford Street and also includes P Tourgis, Philippe Amy, P Le Gresley, Thomas J Desprès, Mr Ahier, Mr Benest, P Garnier, Mr Hamon, D Bisson, G Le Masurier, P Norman, J Syvret, P G Adair, G Skelton, T Binet, T Billot, Mr Vautier, E de Carteret, W Le Duc, T Lucas, H Collas and J Le Cornu

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