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Parsons family page


Susanna Parsons married soldier Samuel Baratt in St Helier in 1834

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Origins of surname

Literally ‘son of the priest’ this name could also have been given to his servant. The Latin root persona meant a person, and the priest was considered to be the most important person in his parish.

Early records

Thomas Parsons married Mary Ann Harris at St Helier in June 1811. They do not appear to have had any children, but William Parsons and Betsey Musgrove, who married in St Helier in October that year had four children baptised in the parish from 1815 to 1824. There are several online trees which are clearly copied from each other which show William Parsons born in Monkleigh, Devon in 1792 and married to Jane Eplett, but the St Helier baptism and marriage registers clearly show the William in Jersey as married to Betty or Betsey Musgrove.

A Robert Parsons who emigrated to Newfoundland is claimed to have been born in Jersey in 1782 in some online trees, but there is no record of this birth in the island.


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Sons of George William and Elizabeth Priest

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