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Perchard family page


Miss Perchard, 1881

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Origin of Surname

The first Perchard probably originated in Perche, the horse-breeding area in the south of Normandy

Early records

The name is found in the Assize Roll of 1309

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

When the family of Perchard settled in Jersey is uncertain, but the name occurs among those of the early Nonnan inhabitants of the island. Philip Perchard is recorded as one of the jurymen chosen in the parish of Trinity to assess the king's dues therein, in 1331. In 1442, Jannequin Perchard was a Jurat of the Royal Court and in 1527, Michael Perchard was Rector of St Saviour.

About the period of the Reformation, a branch of the family settled in Guernsey; and, of this, several members were in the Church. One of them, belonging to the household of Queen Anne, contributed munificently towards the foundation of the Hospital of St Peter-Port.

Some members of the Guernsey family settled in London, where Peter Perchard, the last of his name in England, was Lord Mayor in 1804-5. It is extinct in Guernsey, as well as in London.

The family is represented by John Perchard, of les Augres

Motto : En faisant bien


  • Pechard
  • Perchard, 1299
  • Perchart, 1309
  • Le Perchand 1309
  • Prechard, where found in records this is probably a spelling error

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