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Philippe was the son of Philippe Marett and Marthe Lempriere.

His father acquired the Fief des Arbres in 1628 from his wife’s father in law, Helier Dumaresq, which he inherited together with the fief ès Benests.

He spent time in England, possibly educated there and was punished for his absences from the island when his possessions were sequestered on 26 April 1649. His property was returned when the parliamentarians came to power in 1651. Although his sympathies were with the parliamentarians, he protested against the abuse of power by the Governor, Robert Gibbon, and was punished with imprisonment in Mont Orgueil. After the restoration of the monarchy, he, like other parliamentarians, kept a low profile. Nevertheless, he was elected a Jurat in 1671, replacing Francois de Carteret, seigneur of La Hague. He served for only 5 years and died in February 1675, being buried in St Lawrence.

His considerable estate was split between his paternal family, with the Maretts of Trinity inheriting the fiefs, and his maternal family, with his half sister Susanne Dumaresq, Dame de La Haule, inheriting the property on the fief des Arbres in St Lawrence – La Ville au Francois.

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